How to create a hotel business or hosting Account | MyTravaly

How to create a hotel business Account on MyTravaly?

Who can create or become a host?

You can create a hotel business or a hosting account if;

one, you are the owner of any Hotel, Home-stay, Villa, Cottage, Motel, Camp, Bnb, Resort, service apartment, Hotel Apartment, Boat house, Heritage home, Treehouse, Holiday Home, Hostel, Vocational rental, Guest house, Lodges, Co-living, Paying Guest, or any facility to host guests. 

Two, you have a business/venture providing suitable and hygienic overnight stays in exchange for money with food or without food. 

Three, if you are a hospitality professional working above any property or business. 

How many properties can I manage? 

You can manage property or multiple properties from a single host account.  

Get started to create a hotel business or a hosting account.

First, proceed to the Sign Up page. Fill in your Hotel's details and click to "Request to Create Account". Account activation works manually from our end. Once you have submitted a registration form, wait for 24H for activation or drop a mail to for instant action. We took high-security measures to protect the data of our users', avoid robot users' phishing attacks and protect us from so-called threats. Please proceed to the Login page to log in to Hotel Business Account.

During registration, if you find a notification saying the registered email has already been used, please do not use a different email account. You can retrieve all your existing data by login in with the same email account. Go to the Hotel login extranet and try Forgot Password. 

Read more:

How to set a password if you forgot.

How do I manage the hotel business on MyTravaly?

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