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How to add property on MyTravaly?

5 Steps you need to follow for Onboarding:

  1. Registration 

  2. Create Property 

  3. KYC & Documentation 

  4. Go Live 

  5. Accept direct bookings 

Before we begin with our first step that is Registration, we suggest you gather the following documents below which are required for the verification process : 

  • Incorporation Certificate/ Trade Licence/ Certification from local authorities* 

  • GST Certificate (Optional)

  • Pan card* 

  • Cancel cheque* 

Just after the above documents are checked and verified, we can begin with the registration process to create the property on the MyTravaly website.

When you proceed to log in on MyTravaly Website you first need to have an account already and then sign in, if you do not have an account then no worries this article will help you with that,

How to register an account?

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