How to direct more bookings for my hotel on MyTravaly?

How to direct more bookings for my hotel on MyTravaly?

Please follow the instruction;
1. Is your pricing strategy attractive?
Pay attention to your pricing strategy: You have to balance covering costs and staying competitive whilst coming out on top and making a profit. Add & Update the best tariff from time to time. The tariff you set is the price guests get. Tariff disparity and accuracy are essential. However, you shall calculate it based on your meal plan and per person basis. 

2. Review your photography- does it make your hotel bookable?
Add the good-quality photos representing your hotel front, bedrooms, lobby, receptions, toilet, amenities, activities, etc. Remember, you can tell your hotel story by images. The sound images attract more customers. 

3. What's new?
Please share the post in our What's new section from time to time. You can post like 
- What's happening around your hotel.
- What's new in your hotel.
- Add the tourist attraction places, 
- Famous people in your locality, 
- About local market and shopping experiences 
- Exhibitions that are going to organise 
How to post: Login> Dashboard> Show Menu(Left sidebar) > Social Handles manager> Create Post & Publish. 

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