Who uses MyTravaly

Who uses MyTravaly?

MyTravaly is a community-driven company where its members rent accommodations such as hotels, resorts, holiday homes, etc. They also book these accommodations during their travels. They share experiences in the form of publishing blogs, microblogging, and podcasts. Some start their own online hotel bookings business with zero investment with us.

The most active users are travellers, Travel agents, Hotel owners, A blogger, A student, A startup, community, and hospitality professionals. 

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    • How will we receive the payment from MyTravaly

      Our payment procedure starts on the same day of the guest's arrival. To begin, the hotelier needs to collect OTP from the guest and enter it into the booking link that we have sent them via Email, WhatsApp, etc. Right after the verification of ...
    • Tell me something about your website?

      We are an innovative travel technology firm that believes in the supremacy of "All things travel". Starting in 2019, with roots in Bangalore, now we are the world's top travel technology company. We serve both travellers and hoteliers. We provide ...
    • How to contact MyTravaly?

      We are here to help! MyTravaly has extended support and communication round the clock on all business days. You may reach out to us at your convenience. We keep a record of all the communication for quality, training, and research purposes and to ...
    • When did your company start?

      Our journey started in 2019 with roots in Bangalore, now we are one of the world's top travel technology companies.
    • How to add property on MyTravaly?

      5 Steps you need to follow for Onboarding: Registration Create Property KYC & Documentation Go Live Accept direct bookings Before we begin with our first step that is Registration, we suggest you gather the following documents below which are ...